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Traveling in Ecuador

If you are traveling to Ecuador, you will absolutely love my blog. Here, I share all the tips about this beautiful country. I’m happy it’s already on your radar (or maybe I put it on your radar?) because it’s such an amazing destination. Many travellers might not want to go initially – what do we even know about Ecuador? But trust me, you will love it! In between popular countries Peru and Colombia, it’s the perfect country to include in your South America itinerary. 

In Ecuador, you’ll visit busy cities like the capital Quito to cute beach towns like Montañita. But did you know Ecuador is also the perfect location to stay in the Amazon Rainforest for a while? Oh and if you want to learn Spanish while you’re there (or brush up on your Spanish), there are lots of language schools

Basic information about Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the countries on in South America. It lies in between Colombia and Peru. In Ecuador, the people speak Spanish. English is not an official language, but in touristy areas, the people usually do speak some English. The currency used in Ecuador is the American Dollar, but don’t worry, the prices are way cheaper than in the U.S. On the west coast of Ecuador, you’ll find the Pacific Ocean. The capital, Quito, lies in the north of the country. 

Popular Destinations in Ecuador

Popular destinations in Ecuador include:

Quito. This is the capital of Ecuador and it is located in the north of the country. I personally didn’t really like the city, but it has its charms. Also, I was jet lagged and a little sick from the altitude, so I don’t have the best association with the place. 

The Galápagos Islands. Now, these famous islands are supposed to be amazing, but I didn’t visit when I was in Ecuador. Part of the reason is that I didn’t plan for it in my itinerary; the other reason is that it’s quite expensive to go there. If you do want to visit these islands, make sure to save up for it.

The Amazon Rainforest. Do you want to stay in the Amazon Rainforest for a while? Ecuador is the perfect country for it. I stayed in the Gaia Amazon Lodge for a week and participated in their tours – and it was amazing! 

Montañita. This is my favourite place in Ecuador and even one of my favourite places in the whole of Latin America. It’s a cute little surfer town, but it has everything you want: beach, parties, cute cafes, sunsets… You’ll love it.