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All of the travels are paid by Adventures with Anouk, unless specified otherwise. Adventures with Anouk is not dependent on a third party, and writes blogposts based on personal experiences. For instances when Adventures with Anouk is paid by third parties or when Adventures with Anouk does earn, directly or indirectly, from blogposts, please refer to the Disclaimers below. 

Advertorials, affiliate links and personal discount codes

When there is an advertorial, this will always be mentioned in the blogpost. If there is no mention of an advertorial, there is none. 

There can be affiliate links in the blogposts. These are links to products or services that Adventures with Anouk recommends. When you buy this product or service via this affiliate link, Adventures with Anouk earns a commission. You will not pay extra for this. When there is an affiliate link in a blogpost, Adventures with Anouk will always mention this in the blogpost. 

Whenever Adventures with Anouk offers a discount code that is personalised to this brand for a product or service, Adventures with Anouk might earn a commission when you purchase the product or service with my code. Adventures with Anouk will always mention such a discount code in the blogpost. You will not pay extra for using such a discount code. 

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Information on my blog

Despite careful research into each and every blogpost topic, the blogposts may contain information that is incorrect. No rights can be derived from the blogposts. 

It can also occur that the information on my blog is now outdated. The topic that Adventures with Anouk has written about can be altered after the date of the blogpost.  Adventures with Anouk writes blogposts with the knowledge and information available at that moment. 

If you do come across any incorrect or outdated information on my blog, it would be greatly appreciated if you would inform Adventures with Anouk of this. If necessary, Adventures of Anouk will alter the information or make a public note that the information displayed might be incorrect or outdated. 

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Last updated on January 11th, 2022