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Traveling to Colombia

Traveling to Colombia? Great, welcome to my blog. Colombia is one of the most popular destinations in South America – and for good reason. This country has so many destinations you should see! I spent more than two months in this beautiful country and still didn’t see everything I wanted to see. Cali, Salento, Ciudad Perdida… They are all still on my list. 

Part of the reason I didn’t see everything I wanted, is because I spent quite a lot of time in two major cities: 3 weeks in Medellin and 3 weeks in Cartagena. Both of these stays were this long because I was studying Spanish at the time. During and after my days at Spanish school, I did explore a little bit more of the country. But it’s safe to say I’ll be back some day to explore more of it.  

Basic information about Colombia

Colombia is a large country on the west side of South America. It borders Panama in the west and Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Venezuela in the east. Colombia has two coasts: the coast by the Caribbean Sea in the north and the coast by the Pacific Ocean in the west. The capital of Colombia is Bogota, a city I didn’t visit. In Colombia, the people speak Spanish and pay with the Colombian Peso. 

Popular destinations in Colombia

Popular destinations in Colombia include:

Bogota. The capital of Colombia, Bogota, has a big airport, which is mainly the reason why travellers explore this city too for a day or two. I didn’t though. 

Medellin. The city known for Comuna 13, Pablo Escobar and El Poblado. Many travellers praise Medellin for its unique vibe. Does it have a unique vibe? Yes. But I wasn’t blown away by it the way I expected to be. Still, it’s a fun city to explore if you travel Colombia, so definitely don’t skip it. 

Salento. This place is famous for Cocora Valley, a valley with huge palm trees. You’ve probably seen the pictures on Instagram, if you’re active there.  Sadly, I didn’t visit Salento, but I definitely will next time. 

Cartagena. Now, this is an amazing city. I loved it there! The colourful streets from Getsemani and the beautiful beaches nearby stole my heart – and they will steal yours too, I’m sure of it. And while you’re there, make sure to book two nights at Casa en el Agua as well! 

Palomino. This little town lies in the north of Colombia, a little bit further east than Tayrona National Park. While there’s not a lot to do or see, it’s definitely worth the visit. 

Minca. This is also a town in the north, but more in the mountains. The perfect place to go on a coffee and cacao tour, or to hike to some waterfalls. One of my favourite places in Colombia for sure!