My last week in Montañita

The weeks went by so incredibly fast! This was already the last week in Montañita. Here’s a quick recap of the final week and everything I did, and… my trip to my new destination. Do you also want to learn Spanish in Montañita? Click here! Haven’t read my last blogpost? Click here! Monday: free day […]

Getting a tattoo in Montañita

Hola! It’s me again, back with another travel diary. This week was full of Spanish, sunsets and parties… and a tattoo in Montañita! Crazy times. Not in the least because it is Carnaval here. This blog won’t be that long, since there are not a lot of activities anymore. Monday until Friday, we had Spanish […]

Montañita: Spanish and surfing every day

We have arrived at the final week of the Traveling Classroom: the week in Montañita. I will be staying here for three weeks in total. On the schedule: studying Spanish, learning how to surf, and a lot of relaxing. Do you also want to learn Spanish in Latin-America? Click here! Last week, I was in […]

One week in Manta, Ecuador

Last week was relatively quiet, and I really liked that. I’m noticing that the traveling, although amazing, is also very tiring. One week of relaxing in Manta is no punishment at all. I’m also happy that next week, I’ll be staying in the same location not for one week, but three… I’ll tell you more […]

One week in the Amazon rainforest

The second week of my travel adventure is one that I have been looking forward to. The reason is that I have spent this week in the Amazon rainforest! This entails: a lot of rain, a lot of humidity, a lot of nature, and above all: a lot of animals. Do you also want to […]

Quito: the biggest city I had never heard of

The first real week. I feel like so much has happened already! But now it’s really going to start. I’m so excited for all of it. Here you can read how the first week went. The host family in Quito was the first location of the traveling classroom, a trip of four weeks. Do you […]

The start of an adventure: arriving in Quito

This blogpost starts on Saturday, the day I left The Netherlands and arrived in Quito, Ecuador. I thought of including these two days in the next travel diary – travel diary week 1 – but decided against it. These two days have already been adventurous, so much so that I can fill a blogpost with […]