Midnight hike on Volcano Barú

So you’re thinking of doing a midnight hike on Volcano Barú? … Alrighty then. Let’s get into it. . Volcano Barú Volcano Barú is the highest mountain of Panama with 3474 meters. It lies close to a little town called Boquete – a backpacker hotspot and a hiker’s paradise. If you are travelling through Panama, […]

The Pacific coast and mountains of Panama

A trip on the Pacific coast and mountains of Panama, that was what I did last week. I started the week on Monday in Panama City and traveled to Playa Venao. From there, I traveled to David, and then to Boquete. All in all an adventure once again on the Pacific coast and mountains! Haven’t […]

From Colombia to Panama: sailing the San Blas Islands

Sailing from Colombia to Panama: an adventure! Hi, I’m back! You might have noticed that I skipped a week with writing a blog. This time last week, I had just returned from a sailing trip. I arrived in a new country, a new hostel, with new people… I needed a break from the writing! In […]

Tayrona National Park: the Ultimate Guide

So you have plans to visit Tayrona? Then this guide to Tayrona National Park is perfect for you! Whether you are going for a day hike, or you are planning to stay the night: I have all the tips and recommendations for you. This guide to Tayrona National Park will make sure you start your […]

The Caribbean coast: from Palomino to Tayrona to Minca

Adventures on the Caribbean coast! It was a busy week this week, with a lot of traveling. From Palomino to Los Naranjos, to Tayrona and back to Los Naranjos, and eventually to Minca. All of these places were really nice, and worth the visit. Haven’t read my travel diary from last week yet? Click here. […]

Caribbean island trip and a beach town

Welcome to my first week of freedom in the Caribbean islands and on the coast! It has been amazing, and I will take you along on my journey of this week. I have seen many places! Haven’t read my travel diary from last week? Click here. . Monday: adventure in Cartagena The Monday started with […]

Casa en el Agua: the Ultimate Guide

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Casa en el Agua. Are you planning on visiting this beautiful hostel? It can be quite a task to prepare and book everything, so I though I’d help you with that. In this guide, you’ll read everything you need to know: from the preparation, to the packing list, to […]

A new phase in Cartagena: from host family to hotelroom

A new phase in Cartagena. When I started writing this blogpost, I wanted to call it “saying goodbye to Cartagena”. But that is not true! Next week, I’ll still be in and around Cartagena. It still feels like a goodbye though, goodbye to a phase. This is for two reasons. First of all, this week […]

My second week enjoying life while in Cartagena

Another week went by so fast while I was in Cartagena, I almost forgot to enjoy it… Kidding! I did enjoy it. A lot. Wanna read about my first week in Cartagena? Click here. Want to study Spanish abroad as well? Click here. . Monday: spa day while in Cartagena On Monday, the Swiss girl […]

Cartagena: everything I wanted in a city

New city, new adventures in my first week in Cartagena! I’m so excited for Cartagena, because of multiple reasons. The weather is nice, there is an ocean, the streets are colourful, and… this is the last city in which I have Spanish lessons! Although I love learning Spanish and I’m glad I did it, twelve […]